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International partnership

International partnership

Aliance ACTIVA vs. Staples/Corporate Express

Partnership between ACTIVA + Staples/Corporate Express

In June 2004 signed ACTIVA spol. s r.o. and Corporate Express Europe B. V. now Staples contract about partnership cooperation in sphere of supplying companies in the territory of the Czech and Slovak republic. Corporate Express/Staples is the leading world supplier of the office supplies. By joining the modern internet technologies with smart logistic processes they are able to supply effectively the office supplies and computer products, furniture and accessories all over the world. In consideration of the fact, that Corporate Express/Staples does not have its own representation in the Czech and Slovak republic they chosed ACTIVA spol. s r.o. as one of the most significant suppliers of the office products in the Czech and Slovak republic, with offer of partnership cooperation.


Staples is continuing in cooopeation with Activa that has started in the year 2004 when the contract with Corporate Express Europe B.V. have been sighne. Activa represents a strong strategic partner with a similar business philosophy and its price speaks for the fact that it is a leader in its field and in the field of electronic communications.


Cooperation at international level and has been running for six years. During this time Activa proved the most successful international companies that are able to find effective and sophisticated solutions for buying the biggest and most demanding of them and provide them with services comparable to foreign markets.


If your answer on following questions is positive, don´t hesitate to contact us !

  • Are you an intentational company or part of supra-national concern?
  • Is your mother company abroad supplied by Corporate Express/Staples?
  • Are you a Czech company that wants to expand abroad with keeping the current level of services and prices?
  • Do you want to take use of cooperation on the international level?
  • Do you want to choose from the simmilar assortment, as your colleagues abroad?
  • Are you interested in, what price conditions you can get thanks to international agreement?
  • Does your headquarters want you to send them regular statistics of purchasing the office supplies?

What advantages can you get from the international cooperation with ACTIVA spol. s r.o.?

  • Reach for much more interesting price conditions thanks to big international purchasing potential.
  • Posibility of getting financial bonuses from your mother company or from supplier for becoming part of international contract.
  • High standard of services on at least the same, or even higher level than in advanced countries.
  • Cost-free delivery all over the Czech and Slovak republic.
  • Regular statistics of purchasing send to your headquarters without necessity of your intervention.


Contact person:

Bc.Ondřej MALÝ


Tel.: +420 286 007 146
GSM: +420 737 251 520