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Our Activi(a)ties

Our Activi(a)ties

We are helping

In addition to our own project Activelychildren we do material support for a number of foundations and charitable organizations whose activities we very appreciate:Nadace loga

Besides this long-term cooperation we also help  to smaller foundations a charitable organizations in form of individual one-time material donations.

In 2016 Activa donated in this way more than 192.321 CZK in total .

We support

With our logo, you can also meet on a number of sport events. We are a partner of sports teams:


Czech TOP 100

ACTIVA company is since 2007 a partner of CZECH TOP 100 Association which annually in the Czech Republic is launching on the basis of proven economic information several prestigious charts:

  • 100 Admired Companies of the Czech Republic
  • 100 most important companies of the Czech Republic
  • TOP 10 system integrators
  • 100 best annual reports

ACTIVA in particular presents a framework for cooperation at regional events CZECH TOP 100 which face major firms in the region together with the government members of the European Parliament, representatives of interest groups such as the Chamber of Commerce, etc.

Czech TOP 100 - Symbol úspěšných

In 2008 ACTIVA acquired from the associations CZECH TOP 100 for her operation in the field of successful award awarded to companies which in the context of their business achieve extraordinary results but with regard to their size have a minimum chance to discover the most important companies in the ranking.