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Fine writing instruments

Fine writing instruments

ACTIVA is an exclusive distributor of the followring brand names of fine writing instruments Parker, Waterman, Lamy and Rotring.

In our offer you will find the full assortment of theese brands (including refills) in different price levels. Most of models are on stock even in larger volumes.
List of complete assortment of fine writing instruments that we offer are available in our actual catalogue and other useful information are available at

Logo Parker 


Brand PARKER has long and rich history started in the year 1889 when founder of company George Safford Parker had patented first fountain pen.
From the very beginning famous pens PARKER were known for its high reliability and was used by many famous and important personalities.
Top quality, attractive design and wide range of products for various target groups are reasons why PARKER is the most prestigious brand in the world of writing needs.

 Logo Waterman


WATERMAN pens are combining the unique French design with long tradition brand. Stávají se důležitým doplňkem odrážejícím životní styl a osobnost jejich vlastníka.
The WATERMAN company is famous for its pen production with beautiful polished surface and in its field are among the leading brands in the world. Founder of the company, Lewis Edson Waterman, is considered as the inventor of the first reliable fountain pen which was developed in 1883.
WATERMAN brans is synonymous with luxury writing needs with excellent technical parameters and unique design.

 Logo Lamy


LAMY company was founded by Josef Lamy in the year 1930 in Heidelberg, Germany. LAMY se řadí k předním výrobcům psacích potřeb v Německu a patří k největším světovým dodavatelům psacích potřeb.

LAMY Pens are known throughout the world for a distinctively modern design and top quality. LAMY range includes high-quality writing instruments in all price categories, all types of writing systems, including multifunction pens and accessories for a wide range of models for different target groups: from fouontain pen for students up to the technical mechanical pencils for the designers.